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    The Influence You Have: Why We’re Blind to Our Power Over Others

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    FT business books: September edition

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    The power of persuasion and asking for what you want (without fear) (video)

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    Why we don’t dole out many compliments – but should

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    Should you say yes to that favor? Well…

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    You’ve Got Another Job Offer. Here’s What to Tell Your Boss.

  7. AP

    McDonald’s to mandate anti-harassment training worldwide

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    How to Get People to Say Yes through the Power of Persuasion

  9. James Altucher

    You Have More Influence Than You Think, Just Ask!

  10. Opinion Science

    Just because you asked

  11. Curious Minds at Work 2000 x 2000 p0mozp327epjezxjhewspyrhdevkr6b26fm85hwtmy

    How We Influence Others

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    Want a more flexible work schedule? Here’s how to ask for it

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    Successful People Know How To Say No — Here’s How

  14. The New Yorker logo

    Katie Kitamura writes a world ruled by charisma

  15. Business Insider

    Workers say they need more help dealing with their burnout

  16. Globeand Mail

    It can be hard to be positive at work nowadays. Here’s an argument for why you should still try

  17. WSJ - icon

    Do you have e‑charisma on Zoom? Here’s how to get it

  18. Icon wapo

    How to change people’s behaviors as the coronavirus surges

  19. Bloomberg - icon

    MeToo encourages companies to reevaluate workplace policies (video)

  20. Today - icon

    Could you be convinced to lend your phone to a stranger? (video)

  21. The Economist - icon

    McDonald’s fires its boss over a workplace romance

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    Why is it so hard to say no’?

  23. WSJ - icon

    The science behind WFH dressing for Zoom

  24. Anchor - icon

    Stop people pleasing

  25. CNN - icon

    You can burn out when you’re working from home, too

  26. Sirius XM

    The Difference Between Consent and Compliance is Key in Weinstein Trial

  27. BBC - icon

    Hayley: Asking for Rejection

  28. Cosmo

    You have more influence over people than you think

  29. LA Times - icon

    Fired McDonald’s CEO gets to keep $37 million in stock awards

  30. WSJ - icon

    Ways to say no’ more effectively

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    All the days are blurring together: How to battle burnout

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    This is the absolute best way to ask your friends for a favor — guaranteed

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    You’re more persuasive than you think

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    Three actions for becoming more persuasive and influential

  35. Bloomberg Law - icon

    Love contracts go mainstream as employers track office romance

  36. Toronto Star - logo

    Going to work sick was a sign of loyalty. Now that it’s reckless,’ companies need to rethink their policies

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    The right way to ask for help at work

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    This is why it’s so hard to say no 

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    A brief guide to convincing total strangers to do your bidding

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    How American life is fueling the COVID-19 surge

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    McDonald’s CEO had to go in era of zero tolerance policy

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    Savvy Self-Promotion

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    4 tips to effectively ask for help — and get a yes

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    How most people would prefer to tell a lie or do a bad deed than simply say No’

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    How to get the help you need

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    Random words of kindness

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    Just be kind to the people who ensure you get to eat: Why empathy is crucial during the coronavirus outbreak

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    Is it time to talk instead of text?

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    Here’s the best way to ask someone for a favor

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    Your completely hidden power of persuasion

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    Why you have more influence on others than you think