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  1. Harvard Business Review - Icon

    Don’t underestimate your influence at work

  2. WSJ - icon

    Why do we shout when we argue? Lack of confidence (adapted from You Have More Influence Than You Think)

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    Need a favor? Research suggests it’s best to ask in person

  4. The New York Times - Icon

    Would you let the police search your phone? We are much more likely to give consent than we think

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    A simple compliment can make a big difference

  6. WSJ - icon

    The curse of off-hours email

  7. Harvard Business Review - Icon

    How to ask a colleague to mask up

  8. The New York Times - Icon

    Would you lie for me? Why we underestimate our own powers of persuasion

  9. Harvard Business Review - Icon

    Three tips to avoid WFH burnout

  10. Harvard Business Review - Icon

    To reduce sexual misconduct, help people understand how their advances might be received

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    A face-to-face request is 34 times more successful than an email

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    Be intentional about how you spend your time off

  13. Harvard Business Review - Icon

    Three myths that stop people from asking for help at work

  14. Harvard Business Review - Icon

    You’re already more persuasive than you think

  15. Fast Co

    How to react to an awkward interview question

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    Three things the most persuasive people do differently to get what they want

  17. The Conversation logo

    How scammers like Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler exploit a core feature of human nature

  18. The Conversation logo

    McDonalds’s fired its CEO for sleeping with an employee: Research shows why even consensual office romances can be a problem

  19. The Conversation logo

    Weinstein jurors must differentiate between consent and compliance — which research shows isn’t easy

  20. Owl

    No need to shout: Recognizing the influence that’s already yours (adapted from You Have More Influence Than You Think)

  21. Owl

    How Psychology Could Change the Way We Understand Consent

  22. Lit Hub

    The unavoidable trap of politeness: Why is it so hard to just say no”? (adapted from You Have More Influence Than You Think)

  23. The Hill - icon

    Why so many people are still going out and congregating in groups despite coronavirus pandemic: A psychologist explains the difference between being selfish and egocentric

  24. PT articlesize

    Who will listen to you? More people than you think

  25. Characterlabsquare

    Fear factor: Overcoming the awkwardness of asking for help

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    The liking gap” means you make a better first impression than you think — here’s why (adapted from You Have More Influence Than You Think)

  27. Spsp

    Why Just Go For It” is Bad Dating Advice

  28. Mc Sweeneys

    10 tips for selecting courses based on things you will write on your professors’ course evaluations at the end of the semester